The official autobiography of Behemoth frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darski is finally set for an English language release. The frontman has experienced phenomenal success this year with the release of 'The Satanist' and headlining the annual Metal Alliance tour. Also having battled cancer recently, the story of Nergal just begs to be told.

Nergal's autobiography, 'Sacrum Profanum,' has been available in Polish since late 2012, but an English version is in the works for 2015. 'Sacrum Profanum' turns back time all the way to Nergal's childhood, going on to cover his adolescence, first loves, relationships, musical career and what would become a successful battle against leukemia.

To support the initial release of Nergal's book, a fascinating cinematic trailer (seen below) was created. "Man created 'God'," Nergal narrates. "He gave 'Him' human characteristics and personified 'Him.' Then he kneeled before his own creation as if he took out from himself all that is great, creative and good, and put it on a pedestal. Then man looked at himself as if he was something worse and weak. Why? I don't know."

After lighting a cigar with a burning Bible, Nergal adds, "When I'm attacked by Christians, I proudly respond: 'Your God was nailed to the cross; mine has a hammer in his hand. Draw your own conclusions.' I just effectively fight the illness, regardless if it's cancer or religion."

Nergal addressed the English release of his book earlier on Wednesday, June 18. “Jawbone will be releasing the English edition of my ‘Sacrum Profanum: The Confession of the Heretic’ worldwide early 2015! The translation is goin’ thru editing process as we speak! Excited!”

So are we! Stay tuned to Loudwire for the official English language release date once it's announced!

'Sacrum Profanum' Official Trailer: