If you're not already, you should be following Axl Rose on Twitter. The vocalist has become more and more prominent on social media over the last few years and rather than entirely focusing on music and hyping the latest thing in his career as many rockers do, his Twitter account has offered his insight on a number of topical matters and shown his wry sense of humor at times in the process.

The latest example of this came from Rose's take on the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight this past weekend. Rose laid out a series of ten tweets offering potential slogans for a follow-up match and offering the not too subtle suggestions that he and other fans were ripped off by the pay-per-view event. Get a look at a few of his posts below:

But before you go flagging Rose for overload in making his point and piling on to the overwhelming consensus, he adds:

Rose is the latest rocker to express his dissatisfaction with this weekend's "Fight of the Century." Nikki Sixx called out Floyd Mayweather for his strategy during his defeat of Pacquiao, while Paul Stanley took a shot at Jamie Foxx for his singing of the National Anthem.

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