Axl Rose has thanked fans for their support after the passing of his cat, Dexter Maranello Rose.

The Guns N' Roses singer shared the news of his pet's death on Twitter last week, posting a pic of the cat lovingly called "Dexy" perched on top of a rock. It's inscribed, "In loving memory," and it also has the years Dexter graced the world with his presence, 2007–2021.

The silver classic tabby's passing was met with comments like "I'm so sorry for your loss Axl. RIP Dexter," "so sorry, such a beautiful cat," "Like losing family," and fans even sent pictures of their animals stating things like "the crew sends their condolences."

The passing of a pet/best friend is always hard and is a reminder to make the most of the short time they have on Earth with us. According to Blabbermouth, many people on Twitter shared their own stories and memories of their pets with Axl. This comment below got us in our feels and hits the nail on the head on what it means to have a pet in your life.

Axl Rose has numerous animals, in an interview that he says he has a zoo with wolves, parrots, dogs, and cats, and "my animals are my buddies. They need lots of love and attention."

The Gun N' Roses lead singer then took to Twitter over the weekend to thank everyone for their support after Dexter's passing. He also thanked "all the animal lovers who shared their stories of losing a friend/family member." Axl on Twitter also says "good friend r hard to find n' we're all lucky when we find them (of they find us!)" and isn't that the truth.

We're sure Axl's other pets are just as sad about the passing of Dexter and we're sending him some good vibes during this tough time. Here are some pictures of Dexter with Axl's cats, Dijon and Whiskey.

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