Let’s be honest, Axl Rose, the controversial frontman of Guns N’ Roses, is no stranger to a lawsuit. The red-headed rocker has been sued by many a friend turned foe over the years, and now he has settled a suit brought against him by Bentley Financial Services.

Bentley Financial Services filed a suit against Rose last year claiming that he had leased a shiny new Bentley Flying Spur back in 2005 with a sticker price close to $200,000. Rose then allegedly proceeded to beat the hell out of it, racking up damages that amounted to a cool $73,000.

The damages were assessed when he returned the car, a few months late. The collective damages ranged from a cracked windshield to dented doors and a bumper that was seemingly put to good use.

According to TMZ.com, last week the case was finally settled when Rose agreed to pay out $53,000 to Bentley and call it even.

Good thing Rose and Guns N' Roses just announced a new run of U.S. tour dates; he’s going to have to work hard to pay off that hefty bill!