After a couple of well-received EPs, everybody's favorite baseball-themed grindcore band, , will be releasing a self-titled album Sept. 30 via No Sleep Records.

Appropriately enough, that's the first day of baseball's post-season. The album (track listing below) is available for pre-order at this location.

One of the songs on the album is 'Mike Trout,' a tribute to the all-star Angels outfielder of the same name. You can listen to the track here.

"Going in, we knew we wanted a song about Mike Trout on this record,” says vocalist Mike Minnick. “Riley is a die-hard Angels fan, and all of us love watching the guy play. You want to see every at-bat, every insane defensive play, just like Puig. He's absolutely electrifying."

The band's name comes from Los Angeles Dodgers' superstar Yasiel Puig. They are an all-star team of sorts, with a lineup of Minnick (Curl Up and Die), guitarist Jon Howell and bassist Ian Miller of Kowloon Walled City and drummer Riley Breckenridge ().

These guys are serious about baseball. Breckenridge even pens a baseball blog called Productive Outs. It has baseball related content along with podcast episodes. 'Puig Destroyer' delves into many different aspects of baseball from fantasy baseball to umpires to relief pitchers to Tommy John, who is more known for the surgery named after him than his very good baseball career.

Puig Destroyer - 'Puig Destroyer' Track Listing

1. 'Baseball: The Best'
2. 'Umpshow'
3. 'No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team'
4. 'No Hitter'
5. 'Flags Fly Forever'
6. 'Three True Outcomes'
7. 'Take Damage'
8. 'Trumbomb'
9. 'Top Prospect'
10. 'Call To The Bullpen'
11. 'Wild Horse'
12. 'Attrition'
13. 'The Road To Omaha'
14. 'Underdog'
15. 'Twin Killing'
16. 'No Pepper'
17. 'Tommy John'
18. 'Stealing Signs'
19. 'Batflip'
20. 'Mike Trout'