Holy shakeup, Batman! There's been some major movement in the Battle Royale Video Countdown thanks to three new videos that have crashed the Top 10. The Darkness, two-time Battle Royale Hall of Fame entrants, lead the way with "Last of Our Kind." The fan-featuring new video led the voting for a majority of the week, but Disturbed made a late rally to continue their reign at No. 1 with "The Vengeful One."

The next major debut comes from Clutch, who placed their "X-Ray Visions" video at No. 3 in its first week. After spending the last two weeks at No. 2, former Battle Royale chart champ "Jekyll and Hyde" from Five Finger Death Punch slipped to No. 4, with Trivium's "Silence in the Snow," the third major debut of the week, placing seventh. See all of the Top 10 Videos of the Week below.

Will there be another shakeup next week? New videos from Act of Defiance ("Legion of Lies"), Buckcherry ("The Madness"), Faith No More ("Superhero"), Lamb of God ("Overlord"), Red Sun Rising ("The Otherside"), Rivers of Nihil ("Sand Baptism") and Saint Asonia ("Better Place") enter the voting. See those videos plus all of the clips available for voting by clicking on the link in the poll at the bottom of this post. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Friday, Aug. 14 at 11AM ET.

  • 10


  • 9

    "Break Away"

  • 8

    "Lost in the Crowd"

    First Decree
  • 7

    "Silence in the Snow"

  • 6

    "Here Comes the Light"

    Within Reason
  • 5

    "Monsters Ball"

    Butcher Babies
  • 4

    "Jekyll and Hyde"

    Five Finger Death Punch
  • 3

    "X-Ray Visions"

  • 2

    "Last of Our Kind"

    The Darkness
  • 1

    "The Vengeful One"