2013 has been a big year for Trent Reznor, with the return of Nine Inch Nails and the full-length album debut of How to Destroy Angels. Now he's looking to kick off 2014 with a major launch as well. Beats Music, the new music streaming service from Reznor and music mogul Jimmy Iovine, will officially arrive in January.

Beats Music CEO Ian Rodgers revealed the release plans in an open letter published at Fistfulayen.com. Rodgers stated, "We're nearly ready for liftoff. Thanks to your diligent testing and feedback we are locked and loaded, ready to launch here in the U.S. in January 2014."

He also revealed that beginning today, those interested can visit BeatsMusic.com to reserve their user names for when the site goes live. A number of artists have provided their input into the service, offering feedback and organizing lists with Reznor among those providing input.

Reznor had previously stated in a New Yorker interview that the service would be like "having your own guy when you go into the record store, who knows what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldn't necessarily have encountered."