Behemoth frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darski is reportedly taking a short step away from the world of music to portray former Nazi Party Foreign Minister of Germany, Joachim von Ribbentrop in the upcoming Polish comedy 'AmbaSSada (EmbaSSy).'

After being diagnosed with leukemia in August 2010 and undergoing a bone marrow transplant later that year, Nergal's health has been slowly improving, with everything concerning his treatment "going according to plan." Since the drastic change in his life, Nergal seems to be making the very most of his life creatively and charitably. According to, Nergal will appear in 'AmbaSSada (EmbaSSy),' the brainchild of multi-award winning Polish filmmaker Juliusz Machulski, who found notoriety for comedies such as 1984's 'Sex Misja' (Sex Mission) and 2004's 'Vinci.'

Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Nazi Foreign Minister who Nergal will portray, was awarded the position on Feb. 4, 1938. One of von Ribbentrop's main duties was to persuade other states to align themselves with Germany for what would become World War II. As the war continued, he was given the task of persuade other states to fight alongside Germany or retain their pro-Germany neutrality. During the end of WWII, he attempted to keep Germany's allies from abandoning their side.

After WWII came to an end, Joachim von Ribbentrop was hanged for war crimes on Oct. 16, 1946, after being found guilty during the Nuremberg Trials.

Much like Nergal's 'Demon Energy Drink' endeavor, a portion of his earnings from the film will go to DKMS, a nonprofit organization that aids leukemia patients in need of bone marrow transplants.