Behemoth leader Nergal has never shied away from using his social media platform to express his beliefs and spread awareness on happenings in the world. His home country of Poland just passed a near-total ban on abortions, and the frontman has slammed the government and its "religious cancer."

According to BBC, the ban was first issued in October, which resulted in protests around the nation. As of Wednesday night, the ban has been set in motion by the government, only allowing abortions in cases of rape, incest or when the pregnancy poses harm to the mother.

A "passionately enraged" Nergal took to his Instagram to address the matter.

"We are moving back to the obscure, scary, medieval past. From now on my dear women, in the eyes of Polish political leaders you are just a breeding tool in their rigorous Catholic narration, you have no control over your body whatsoever," he wrote.

"What one can do? Well, the battle is lost… but the war is to be won by those enlightened, forward thinking. Do not cease your fight, spread the word, speak up and support Polish women in their relentless struggle! Exterminate religious cancer! Fuck the system!"

Read his full post below.

Nergal spoke with Full Metal Jackie back in October regarding his willingness to share his opinions on such issues. After expressing he believes that a lot of countries are moving backwards as far as political and social progress, he said, "It's pretty crucial to bring that out and have an open discussion. Sometimes using fists, sometimes not, but it's, it's pretty essential."

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