Behemoth will have been around for 30 years by the time 2021 comes. For most bands, the milestone is a celebration, but for vocalist / guitarist Nergal, he's not looking to get nostalgic, prioritizing new music.

"Yes, it will be 30 years of Behemoth," Nergal told Ireland's Overdrive in a recent interview, in a state of disbelief as he exclaimed, "Holy fuck!!" With a laugh, he went on to address the anniversary craze, expressing his distaste for it. "Well, I'm going to be straight with you here," said the Behemoth frontman, "I've always mocked the fact that in Poland, they always book so many anniversary gigs. No one would give a fuck otherwise. It's just one fucking anniversary show after another one, and I'm, like, 'So fucking what?' I mean, no one really cares."

Nergal understands that some sort of anniversary event for Behemoth is something the fans have begun to wonder about, but he basically shot that idea down before it could ever really get off the ground.

"I am aware that people are anticipating something from Behemoth on this one because we didn't do anything for our 20th [anniversary of the band] or the 25th, and, honestly, I don't see a reason why we should do something," the frontman went on.

With such an active schedule, he doesn't see any value in looking toward the past. "I'm always too busy with the stuff that's going on now, in present day. There is so much stuff happening at the moment, so, for me, I'd rather just concentrate on the now," admitted Nergal.

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He'll turn 43 this June, so it's easy to see how the concept of the band turning 30 years old is a jarring reality. "I've never been a fan of that stuff because it just shows how old we are," Nergal added with a laugh, adding, "I'd rather show you by my actions that I'm ever inspired and I'm ever driven and I have so much more to say other than just getting people to feed off my history for the sentiment of the fans."

The anniversary celebration hasn't been ruled out in its entirety, but seems unlikely. "So, I really don't know if we will do anything, but what I know for sure is that we'll be coming back in 2021 with new Behemoth music," the band leader confirmed.

If Behemoth are plotting a new album, it will be their first since issuing I Loved You at Your Darkest in 2018, which was their 11th overall. "I've been very productive with both Behemoth and [dark folk project] Me and That Man. When we've been on tour recently, I've been working on a lot of new ideas, so you can definitely expect new music as there's just no time to stop now," Nergal concluded.

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