Bill Murray is set to play the character of a fictional iconic rock manager named Richie Lanz in the upcoming Rock the Kasbah. A trailer for the film called Richie Lanz: The Man and the Music is shot mockumentary style and is genuinely hilarious.

Richie Lanz's resume is pretty damn impressive. He gave the name "Madonna" to a future pop icon, Jimi Hendrix played "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Woodstock because Lanz asked him to and he's the one that convinced Slash to wear a top hat. "He [Slash] looked at me like he was gonna hit me," Murray's character says in the trailer. Eventually, Slash did come around to the idea.

The trailer for Richie Lanz: The Man and the Music features rock legends like the Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who all give first-hand testimony about Richie Lanz.

An official description of the film reads:

A has-been rock manager from Van Nuys, California stumbles upon a once-in-a-lifetime voice in a remote Afghan cave in Rock the Kasbah, a dramatic comedy inspired by stranger-than- fiction, real-life events and directed by Oscar winner Barry Levinson. Richie Lanz (Bill Murray), dumped and stranded in war-torn Kabul by his last remaining client (Zooey Deschanel), discovers Salima Khan (Leem Lubany), a Pashtun teenager with a beautiful voice and the courageous dream of becoming the first woman to compete on national television in Afghanistan’s version of “American Idol.” Richie partners with a savvy hooker (Kate Hudson), a pair of hard-partying war profiteers (Danny McBride and Scott Caan) and a hair-trigger mercenary (Bruce Willis) and, braving dangerous cultural prejudices, manages his new protégée into becoming the “Afghan Star.”

Rock the Kasbah is set to hit theaters on Oct. 23. To watch the film's trailer, courtesy of Rolling Stone, check out the clip above.

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