NAMM annually brings out some of the top talent in music each year, and this year it gave Loudwire's Gear Factor a chance to host a panel featuring a number of top guitarists, all reflecting on the music that started their interest in playing.

The Music Experience's Squiggy welcomed A Perfect Circle's Billy Howerdel, Tesla's Frank Hannon, Thin Lizzy's Damon Johnson, REO Speedwagon's Dave Amato and legendary session player Terry Reid for the panel that makes up this edition of Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater.

Watch as our panelists discuss and play the licks that first inspired them to pick up the guitar as well as the first songs they attempted to master once picking up the instrument.

Howerdel reveals his broad musical tastes, explaining that everything from Blue Oyster Cult to The Cure inspired him to pick up the instrument, while Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads led him down the rabbit hole to try and learn "Diary of a Madman."

Hannon reveals some serious classic rock inspiration, calling out a haunting Carlos Santana lick and reflecting back to his pre-teen years trying to figure out a Peter Frampton favorite.

Johnson shares great detail in revealing a special "air guitarist" who led him down the path to guitar, while also paying a debt of gratitude to a Bachman Turner Overdrive favorite that helped him with the affection of the ladies as a teenager.

You'll also hear such names as Elvis Presley's guitarist Scotty Moore, Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Tommy Steele, Steve Marriott, Guy Mitchell, Marty Robbins and more mentioned amongst our panelists. Check out the video in full below.

If you're looking to pick up the guitar, these rockers give you some great starting points for inspiration, both in their own playing and those who informed their early playing as well. To get your gear and start trying to pick up how to play, head on over to Sweetwater for all your guitar needs.

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