Talent shows have been television ratings mainstays across the globe. Most of the shows are singing competitions, but a new U.K. program focuses on guitarists. Guitar Star debuts on the Sky Arts channel June 9.

Just like American Idol has mentors for the singers, Guitar Star will have mentors for the guitarists. One of them will be Black Sabbath's legendary axeman Tony Iommi. In an interview you can watch above, Iommi talked about what makes a great guitarist.

"I'd like somebody who plays from the soul, so I look for that really, as opposed to somebody learning every single note and getting everything perfect," Iommi says.."I prefer it coming from the blues side and something coming from inside."

Iommi continues, "The idea is to listen and absorb as much as you can, and when you play, give it all you've got from here (points to his heart) as opposed to a book or copy or learning. It's got to come from within and show what you do and what you're capable of doing."

Other mentors on the show include Lee Ritenour and Rodrigo y Gabriela. Guitar Star is hosted by Edith Bowman, a veteran TV and radio personality. The winner of the nine week competition gets to play on the main stage at the Latitude Festival. You can watch a trailer for Guitar Star here.

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