If you enjoyed Philip Anselmo’s poop story from this season of Epic Rock Tales, you’ll love this recollection from Body Count vocalist Ice-T. This tale takes place in the ‘90s, when Ice-T ate some suspicious gumbo from a fan, giving him explosive diarrhea right before a festival gig.

Body Count performed at the inaugural Lollapalooza touring festival in 1991, returning again the following year, so this tale is from at least 25 years ago. A home-cooked meal was too much for Ice-T to resist while on tour, so he scarfed down the gumbo. Within 20 minutes, Ice was suffering from explosive diarrhea, punishing a port-o-potty before showtime.

While Ice-T was pants-down in the bathroom, he suddenly heard Body Count’s intro music come on. Knowing he only had moments to hit the stage, Ice ran across the festival grounds through the rain and mud, grabbing the mic just in time. The battle wasn’t over, however, as Ice was forced to perform a full set with clenched butt cheeks, forcefully holding back a wave of liquid dung.

“One fart would have been absolute disaster,” Ice-T recalls. “Don’t f—k with grandma’s gumbo, and if you do, you’d better have some f—king powerful butt cheeks.”

Check out this Epic Rock Tale from Ice-T in the clip above and watch more new episodes of our animated series below!

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