There goes the neighborhood… Body Count will officially begin recording their next album in April. Like Ice-T told Loudwire in 2018, the new record will be called Carnivore and will challenge the triggered generation.

Since the return of Body Count in 2014, the rap metal/hardcore hybrid have put out two vicious albums, Manslaughter and Bloodlust. With Body Count playing festivals around the world, Ice-T and the boys won’t let the momentum stop just yet.

In between giving out “Dumbfuck of the Day” awards, Ice-T announced Body Count’s plans on Twitter:

"It's basically: 'Fuck vegans.' We figure, anything carnivorous pretty much kicks ass. We're carnivorous! I'm not [really] saying 'Fuck vegans,'" Ice-T jokes. "Everyone's so pussy right now, [so] we're carnivores."

Ice added, "Chris Barnes told me he would kill me if he doesn't get on this next album. because I worked with Six Feet Under. People like Chris Barnes, I don't want to get him mad, because I know he might dissect me or some shit, so we're gonna get some death metal on there from original Cannibal Corpse."

A 2019 release is very possible for a new Body Count album, which would add to the gigantic amount of rock and metal music coming out this year. Stay tuned for more Body Count updates as news continues to break.

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