This ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ episode marks the first occasion where a rock star has invited us to watch them piss blood! Watch former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot play our signature game in the video above!

Bumblefoot’s got a lot to clear up on Wikipedia and we started with his childhood pursuits as a musician. It’s true that Bumblefoot originally wanted to be a bassist, but before that, he wanted to be a drummer! Thanks to an impromptu drum-off with his brother and a ridiculous lie from a music store employee, Bumble picked up his first axe.

We cleared up some GN’R lies in this segment too, like how Bumblefoot ended up in the legendary rock band. The shredder was apprehensive at first, but over half a dozen practice sessions later, Bumble suddenly found himself on a tour bus with Guns N’ Roses. He also confirmed things got a little violent in the beginning, leading to Axl Rose giving Bumblefoot the nickname “shank” for the remainder of that tour.

Bumblefoot has fallen on some challenging times lately, including a 2011 serious car crash which left him with extensive nerve damage. He still struggles with pain and physical trauma, but Bumble’s attitude and reflection on those circumstances will inspire you. In 2014, the axeman became nervous after blood began showing up in his urine. He had a video to prove it, which he actually showed us during our Wiki segment. Did we leave that part in? Damn right we did! Bumblefoot was diagnosed with bladder cancer and gave us the gritty details on his surgery and recovery.

Be sure to watch this episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ because this one serves as one of our all-time best!

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