As previously reported, Camp Freddy may be no longer, but out of the ashes of the all-star covers band comes the new incarnation Royal Machines! Guitarist Dave Navarro revealed the new band name earlier this week and teased that details would be coming. Now the full lineup for the group has been revealed.

In addition to Navarro, Camp Freddy members Billy Morrison, Donovan Leitch and Chris Chaney will be joined by frequent Camp Freddy contributor Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray fame and acclaimed drummer Josh Freese, who just performed with the group during their New Year's Eve performance at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

The one notable omission from Royal Machines is longtime drummer Matt Sorum. In a posting announcing the new lineup, the group told fans, "It's the same all-star covers fun times band it's always been. Matt is doing his thing with Kings of Chaos."

The group added in another posting, "You guys are all amazing -- thank you for the welcome. We'll do our best to bring you another 10 years of ridiculously amazing rock shows." The band promises to add more information to their respective social networking sites over the coming weeks and urges fans to stay tuned.

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