A recent interview by Eric Blair of The Blairing Out Show with Mike Shinoda has highlighted the unfortunate need to remind everyone to not ask insensitive questions about Chester Bennington's death. After discussing Shinoda's solo album for a few minutes, Blair bluntly asked the Linkin Park member if he thought "sinister hands" were involved in his bandmate's death. Although somewhat caught off guard by the question - and understandably so - Shinoda managed to address it with a commendable level of appropriateness and compassion.

"No. No," he said. "I mean, there was a police report done and everything. So, no."

Blair continued on the subject, asking if Bennington showed any "signs" of depression before his death. "Well, he battled with that stuff very publicly since the beginning of our relationship, since we knew him," Shinoda replied. "I mean, it was just something he dealt with for his whole life."

This should have never been asked, especially given the setting, which was an art show. The YouTube comments for the video have been disabled and the dislikes outweigh the likes by nearly 94 percent. It has now been over a year since Bennington's death, and handling these topics with the utmost respect should remain a top priority for everyone. This applies to both the media and individuals in general.

For the sake of not giving Blair any more video views than he already has, the clip has been removed from this post. Be better, people.

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