Late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton left this world far too early. His unique lead playing style can be heard on the first three Metallica albums, with his bass solo ‘(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth’ showcasing his signature style. The thrash band is driven by pummeling speed and rhythm, while Burton used his bass as a bit of a lead instrument to juxtapose the guitars. He was a key songwriter with the titans of thrash, with credits on numerous tracks, including ‘Creeping Death’ and ‘Master of Puppets.’

Napalm Death’s longest enduring member Shane Embury has seen the band through various style changes, including wild and unpredictable grindcore, death metal, groove, and most recently a mix of all those styles. He is a crucial element of the first ever grindcore band and has had a hand in songwriting since he joined the band in 1987. Embury’s bass tone is incredibly distorted and noisy, which couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for Napalm Death’s audio terror.

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