Converge, one of the loudest, noisiest and sonically nastiest bands to emerge from the burgeoning New England metal scene in the early '00s, have issued an update on their progress regarding new material. It certainly gives extreme metal fans something to look forward to.

The band, which was at the forefront of the Renaissance of Modern American Metal alongside geographical peers like Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Unearth and more, offered a simple update via a Facebook post about the matter, writing: "Around 12 songs demoed so far, and still going..."

It's likely 12 songs of mathematically precise, riotous, goes-down-like-razor-blades metal, if Converge have stayed the course, which we're convinced they have! 12 songs from Converge is like going 12 rounds with Manny Pacquiao.

The band's last album 'Axe to Fall' dropped in 2009. No word on when they will turn these dozen demos into actual songs and issue an album, though.

Converge's shows are as violent as their music, as evidenced by the band landing on our Top 10 Hard Rock Smackdowns list due to the fact that a full-scale, someone-call-the-SWAT-team melee once broke out at a Converge show.