The daughter of Jani Lane has lashed out at his ex-manager for seeking a commission for monies received by the late Warrant singer's estate. Taylar Jayne Lane, Jani's oldest daughter, responded to an article that ran on TMZ last December which reported on a lawsuit filed by Just Having Fun Productions who claimed the estate was "screwing" them out of money.

"The TMZ article published regarding the lawsuit filed against my father’s estate and its administrator by Obi Steinman is, about several aspects of the suit, erroneous in its description of the facts," Taylar Jane says in the statement, which was released via her mother Bobbi Brown's Facebook page.  "However, Obi, the former 'manager' in question, was paid for any managerial work he did following my father’s death and had no authority to sell his music catalogs, let alone to receive a portion of the assets made from that sale."

According to the lawsuit, Steinman and Just Having Fun Productions are seeking $562,000, 15% of a $3.75 million deal made by the estate with a publishing company. They initially were offering a discount, looking for 12.5%, but now want the whole 15% and are suing for fraud and breach of contract.

"[Steinman's] claims of entitlement are based on a 'verbal contract' he made with my father for 15% of all money incoming from royalties," Taylar Jane continues. "Not only was there no contract in writing entitling him to such, but even this verbal contract made no concessions for income received based on the sale of assets, including the sale of catalogs, songs, and other intellectual properties."

Taylar Jane says Steinman was offered a smaller settlement, "to spare myself and the other heirs the stress of having this all go to court," but was rebuffed. She adds in the statement, which can be read in full below, that the manager made himself "filthy rich" while Jani was alive.

"Now, since apparently it wasn’t enough for him, [he] would like to take more money from my father’s estate and from his heirs: myself, my little sister, and his widow," she says. "Obi does not deserve an ounce of support or sympathy from the public, who don’t know the details of our situation, nor does he deserve another cent of my father’s money. He is owed nothing and hopefully nothing is what he will ultimately receive. All my sister and I want is for Obi to leave us alone."

Jani Lane was found dead in a California hotel room in August of 2011 at the all-too-young age of 47. Police found a liquor bottles and prescription pills on the scene. In addition to the 26-year-old Taylar Jane, he is survived by another daughter, Madison, from his second wife.

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