These are interesting times for music lovers, turning to tunes during the coronavirus pandemic. It appears to have affected the way we consume music as well. According to Billboard, digital album sales have hit a seven-month high while physical album sales continue to plummet.

For the week ending March 26, total U.S. album sales jumped 2.3 percent to 1.558 million copies sold across all formats, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data. That's a rise from the 1.523 million that shifted on March 19.

As stated, digital album sales really saw a spike, rising 49.1 percent to 811,000 sold during the week. That's the biggest week since Sept. 5, 2019, when 856,000 digital albums were sold.

While digital album sales were on the rise, physical album sales continued to take a hit. According to Billboard, physical album sales declined 23.7 percent to a new low of 747,000 copies sold. The previous low came the prior week at 979,000 copies sold. They cite the impact of many brick-and-mortar stores having to close temporarily due to coronavirus.

Another trend to note is a surge in download sales for older albums. Digital catalog album sale jumped 18.8 percent over the week, with 389,000 "catalog albums" sold. That marks the biggest week of 2020 and the highest mark since Oct. 3, 2019. They attribute part of that to the death of legendary country musician Kenny Rogers, who sold 17,000 digital albums during the week.

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