DJ Ashba is going to be a busy man this year. The guitarist will hit the road with Sixx: A.M. in April to kick off touring promotion of their Modern Vintage album, but his gig with Guns N' Roses is looming shortly after.

In an interview with Rock Reflected, Ashba says of GN'R, "We were talking about doing another huge tour. Our main focus right now is putting together the next Guns record. We've got tons of material -- it's just a matter of sitting down and sifting through all the pieces. It looks like we're going to be doing a lot more touring."

Guns N' Roses toured fairly extensively in 2013 and early 2014, but then took a break in the latter portion of last year. The time off fit perfectly for Ashba, who spent most of the fall promoting the Sixx: A.M. Modern Vintage disc and its string of singles.

Though Ashba has been part of all three Sixx: A.M. albums, the band has often been in second position to Motley Crue for founder Nikki Sixx, which left plenty of free time for the guitarist. That's part of what led to his joining Guns N' Roses.

Ashba recalls, "I got a call and Guns was looking for a guitar player on the down-low. They wanted to know if I would be interested. I went down there -- and I didn't know, but evidently, Axl [Rose] called management when I was coming down and said, 'If he shows up in the room, he has the gig.' It was kind of like that."

Keep an eye out for DJ Ashba throughout the year, first with Sixx: A.M, then with Guns N' Roses.

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