Prog legends Dream Theater are giving back to young musicians, starting a scholarship program with the band’s alma mater, Berklee College of Music.

College isn’t cheap, and when your goal is to carve out a career in music, chances are you won’t be paying down student debt very quickly. Guitarist John Petrucci knows this well, as his son Reny graduated from the prestigious music school in 2018.

Returning to campus to tour the campus’ production and music studios, John Petrucci met up with Berklee President Roger Brown and the two began discussing ideas for an official Dream Theater Scholarship. The fund will provide scholarship money to student musicians in need on an ongoing basis for years to come.

“Dream Theater has been a tremendous influence on the progressive metal scene, achieving worldwide success for their dedication to excellence in music,” said Brown. “The Dream Theater t-shirt has been the most popular item of apparel on our campus for years, and many students have chosen to come to Berklee as a result of the band's legacy. We are so appreciative of Dream Theater's support.”

The fund will be headed by Berklee’s Mirek Vana, Global Development Officer / Executive Producer, and Dream Theater manager Frank Solomon.

Petrucci, bassist John Myung and former drummer Mike Portnoy famously formed Dream Theater while they were students at Berklee 35 years ago. Current drummer Mike Mangini was also a drum professor at the college for 11 years before leaving to join Dream Theater in 2010.

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