Despite some bands' many lineup changes, there have been some dynamic duos throughout rock and metal history that those bands just wouldn't be the same without.

Chemistry is something musicians talk about often in interviews, but it's real. If it wasn't, then any group of musically inclined people would be able to just go into a studio together and create something. Any maybe that's worked for some bands, but for a lot of the greats, chemistry is the reason they became so successful.

When you think of groups such as The Rolling Stones, the first two people that come to mind are probably Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. They're a dynamic duo in rock 'n' roll. It doesn't necessarily matter what their relationship is like when they aren't working onstage or in the studio, what matters is how they're able to connect with each other when they are. And it's worked for them for over six decades.

There are other acts that have had a lot of lineup changes, and maybe the dynamic duos we highlight in this list aren't even working together anymore. Some bands have broken up and some of the members have sadly died, but if it weren't for the charisma between two particular individuals, then the bands probably never would have became what they did.

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Scroll through the gallery of photos below to see dynamic duos that certain rock and metal groups wouldn't be the same without. Underneath each photo, we explain what it is about the musicians' relationship that is so special, and why even if they're no longer working together, they still had such an impact.

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