Want to feel like you are at an Emmure show without ever leaving the comfort of your home? Well, take a few minutes and watch this hybrid of a live performance and lyric video for 'Drug Dealer Friend' and you'll experience a similar effect.

While 'Drug Dealer Friend' appears on last year's 'Speaker of the Dead' as opposed to the forthcoming 'Slave to the Game' which drops April 10 via the band's longtime label Victory Records, it still gets our juices flowing in anticipation of new Emmure and live Emmure! Both are on the docket for spring so this clip sets the table. We're just curious as to why the band chose to release a vid for an older song when a new album is coming down the pike.

Nevertheless, this black and white clip features lots of moshing, finger pointing, windmilling, metal horns and more, as some of the lyrics flash on the screen in big, block letters.

The video is -how shall we say this?- intense, as is the lyrical content. Neither hold anything back and go for the throat. Forget your late Saturday morning coffee. Serve yourself a wake up cup of Emmure and the vid for 'Drug Dealer Friend.'

Catch Emmure this spring when they embark on a full North American tour. They will also perform at Bamboozle in New Jersey on May 19.

Watch Emmure Live/Lyric Video for 'Drug Dealer Friend'