It's time to shake the dust off your chainmail and practice swinging that sword! Why? Because that's the "Way of the Warrior." It's also the latest music video from Finnish folk metal heroes Ensiferum, who will release their seventh album, Two Paths, later this year.

"Way of the Warrior" is an inspiring blend of more upbeat, folk-tinged melodies, perfect for drinking and fighting. The video is steeped in battle-ready imagery, set on the forest floor surrounded by mist, shields and battle axes. The footage pans between shots of the band's performance and post-fight victory scenes relaxing in a steamy sauna. Energetic rhythms clash with lead guitar flourishes that trade off with frontman Petri Lindroos making for a genuine and triumphant fist-raiser.

Ensiferum commented on the video, exclaiming,"Hi folks! So here it is, our brand new video of the song 'Way Of The Warrior'. Like our music combines metal and folk elements so does this video. It was really great to be involved in the process more than we ever have been before and the result turned out to be fantastic! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording the song and shooting the video. So turn the volume up to eleven, move your furniture a bit so that you have room for moshing and press play!"

Two Paths was recorded on tape for a warm analog listening experience with producer Anssi Kippo. Look for the album, out Sept. 15, through Metal Blade and pre-order your copy at the label's webstore. Fans can choose from bundle options, a limited wooden box set, a swath of colored vinyl and more.

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