In the ongoing battle between Entombed figureheads LG Petrov and Alex Hellid, Petrov has been dealt another blow. After being forced to tour under the moniker of Entombed A.D., the singer has continued to seek legal action against his former guitarist to no avail. Most recently, Petrov filed a letter of protest against Hellid after the guitarist filed for registration of an Entombed trademark for spirits production.

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office rejected Petrov's request, allowing Hellid to brand spirits with the Entombed name. The singer had claimed Hellid acted in "bad faith" (via Blabbermouth) and that the production of the spirits would "deceive the public" leading them to believe Entombed are currently active.

The two have been on opposite sides over the last couple years as Entombed lay stagnant regarding studio output. Hellid planned on playing the band's Clandestine album in full under the Entombed name with former members Ulf 'Uffe' Cederlund and Nicke Andersson alongside the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. This led to more tensions within the group and since all four original members collectively own the Entombed name, the moniker is forbidden from being used.

Entombed A.D. released their second album, Dead Dawn, as a continuation of the Entombed sound with the rest of the then-current members of Entombed. Full Metal Jackie recently asked the frontman how the dispute over the Entombed name has fueled his attitude for making new music. He responded, "I mean at the time there was a lot of frustration. I think it’s an ongoing process, but for the time being, we just left it aside because it takes a lot of energy away. So then you concentrate your frustration in making new music, because that’s a great release to get your feelings out. Then it results in a new album, and then you can just get rid of a lot of aggressiveness. Thank somebody that we have music as an outlet. So it’s good, and then staying on and just putting all of your aggressiveness toward the crowd. Then they give you the energy back, and that’s the greatest feeling on earth."

Catch Entombed A.D. on tour opening for Amon Amarth, starting April 7 in San Diego, Calif. For a full list of dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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