Eve to Adam have paid their dues in recent years with a relentless tour schedule that has made them a seasoned and solid live band. As the group gets ready to hit the road again, sharing stages with Escape the Fate, Loudwire spoke with Eve to Adam guitarist Gaurav Bali about the upcoming trek and how the band has been adding their 'Locked & Loaded' material into sets. Check out our interview with the band below:

The big thing for Eve to Adam right now are these new dates with Escape the Fate, which should be a killer live bill. Does it up the ante for you when you're touring with a band that's also known for their great live performances? Is there a competitive spirit there or do you just do what you do regardless of who else is on the bill?

I think we basically do what we do regardless, but of course playing with a great band ups our game. I'm not sure if we really look at it as a competitive spirit with the other bands we're playing with … We've always felt that our harshest critics are ourselves, and when you have that mindset, you're always trying to push the envelope no matter what the other bands are doing. We have certain things that we're constantly trying to improve in our performances as individuals and as a band, so we set high standards for ourselves and ultimately that's what motivates us … and you're right -- Escape the Fate and ETA is gonna be a killer live bill!

Because you have developed into an impressive live band, can you talk about the bands or performers you saw growing up that may have influenced your playing style or stage presence when it comes to live shows.

There are performers all the way from the '70s to the present that have inspired us. For example, watching old footage of Led Zeppelin the '70s and Van Halen in the '80s is always mind blowing. The command they had of the stage and the energy was amazing … and you wanted to BE them. Unfortunately, we were too young to see those bands in their prime, but that's what live videos are for, right? Guns N' Roses was also a huge influence because of the unpredictability of the shows. You never knew what was going to happen next, and that aspect has definitely been lost in music to a certain extent for various reasons. As far as present day bands, Stone Sour always puts on an amazing live show: great songs, great playing and great energy. What more could any rock fan want? We'd love to tour with them someday.

Since we last talked, the 'Locked & Loaded' album has been released. What songs off the new disc are you most enjoying working into sets and can you talk about the challenge of creating set lists once a new album arrives?

We're almost playing the entire record in the new sets, but the biggest challenge is always trying to fit everything we want to play into 30-45 minute sets. Specifically, we really enjoy performing 'Bender' because of the fast pace and energy of it. Also, the current single, 'Immortal' is more fun to play than ever because a lot more people know the song now and they're singing along. That's a feeling you can't quite put into words … honestly, we're really enjoying playing everything off the new album because it's still so fresh for us and we've been getting a great reaction from the audiences on the recent tours. I'm sure once we get to play longer sets we'll play most of the new record and add some songs from previous albums.

Also coming up for you this spring are appearances at Rocklahoma as well as the River City Rockfest and Earthday Birthday. Can you share your thoughts on playing these major outdoor festivals and radio festival type events?

We love them! There's a vibe and energy at these events that you just can't duplicate at a "normal" show. Bands play all day and there's no bad slot because people show up right when the doors open ready to have a great time all day. It's so awesome to not only play in front such an enthusiastic crowd, but also to have a chance to check out so many other great bands and hang with them. We're really looking forward to these summer festivals and hope to get booked on a few more if we can!

You've already had a couple of songs come off the 'Locked & Loaded' album. If you had your pick for a next single, what would you like to see be released off the album and why?

Wow, that's a tough question … We really feel that many of the songs off the new album could be singles for different reasons. We haven't picked another single yet because 'Immortal' just broke into the Top 20 on the Active Rock chart and we're still really focused on seeing it through to it's full potential. I guess everyone will have to just wait and see what we throw at them next!

Our thanks to Eve to Adam's Gaurav Bali for the interview. Fans can catch Eve to Adam on tour with Escape the Fate beginning this Saturday (Feb. 15) in Fresno, Calif. To see the full West Coast swing, check out their tour dates here. And pick up there 'Locked & Loaded' album here.

Watch Eve to Adam's 'Immortal' Video

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