Three former members of Judas Priest (K.K. Downing, Tim 'Ripper' Owens and Les Binks) will unite for a very special one-off performance on Nov. 3 in Wolverhampton, England at K.K. Downing's Steel Mill as part of Megadeth bassist David Ellefson's "More LIVE With Deth" tour.

Downing (guitar), Ripper (vocals) and Binks (drums) will be joined by Ellefson for this one-off set comprised entirely of Judas Priest classics. The night will feature a full performance from Ellefson's band Sleeping Giants as well as special guest Blaze Bayley, the former singer for Iron Maiden who replaced Bruce Dickinson in the '90s.

"I am very pleased to have been asked to perform a unique and special concert with Megadeth’s David Ellefson to celebrate the release of his new book More Life With Deth," Downing said of the upcoming gig. "The concert will also bring about the opportunity to play again with some very dear and talented metal legends from the past, the combination of these Icons will for sure enable us to deliver up one of the
most exciting concerts this year, so much so that it would not be out of place to call this the ultimate ass kicking 'MegaPriest' fest, and is one that is not to be missed.”

Commenting on the significance of this show, Ellefson explained, "I speak very candidly in my new book More Life with Deth about the significance Judas Priest played in my early musical trajectory, specifically the Unleashed in the East live album with its picture-perfect image of what heavy metal should look and sound like. To me that album, along with its powerful cover image, captured the excitement I felt for a new era of music, one that would transition me from my roots in American Hard Rock over to that of British Heavy Metal."

"Over the years K.K and I became fast friends while we toured together with Priest and Megadeth," Ellefson continued, "and I’m beyond thrilled to perform together onstage with him and his former Priest band mates, as we light up the Steel Mill together for a night of molten metal classics!”

The bassist went on, "Thom (Hazaert, Sleeping Giants singer) and I have been touring all summer across the USA supporting the new book and our Sleeping Giants release. Plus Ripper and I have shared stages all around the world in the last decade or so, and now to add Les Binks in the mix, who to my generation was the ultimate metal double bass drummer, this has become the ultimate ‘metal’ family reunion!"

Downing, who retired from Judas Priest in 2011, returned to the stage over the summer, joining Manowar icon Ross the Boss at Bloodstock Open Air. Together, they played four songs, one cover by Judas Priest and three Priest originals.

Binks' history with Priest dates back to the late '70s where his authoritative drumming helped define the band's burgeoning heavy metal attack across two albums: Stained Class and Killing Machine (otherwise known as Hell Bent for Leather).

Ripper was brought to the fold in 1996 following Rob Halford's departure and he remained at the helm until the Metal God was reinstated in 2003. He sang on Jugulator and Demolition.

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