The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is tomorrow (April 14) and the once, former and current members of Guns N' Roses are still making headlines regarding their imminent entry into the Hall up until the last minute. Did we expect any less?

GN'R never did anything conventionally, be it how they rocked, played music, behaved or how they are reacting to being celebrated with a music industry honor. That unconventional, outlaw nature is what made them so special and helped get them to this point. Touche!

Ex-bassist Duff McKagan, who is a Seattle Weekly columnist, posted a statement from former guitarist Izzy Stradlin. The guitarist will reportedly be absent from the induction ceremony in Cleveland, but certainly not for the same reasons as Axl Rose.

Duff noted that "Izzy asked me to do him a favor and sort of get this out for him. Izzy don't Tweet, etc." Apparently, Izzy avoids social media and does his own thing, old-school style.

Below is the text of Izzy's statement, which is a huge thank you to the fans and his bandmates. There is nothing inflammatory or subversive in his statement. In fact, it's class. Izzy don't tweet, but Izzy got style.

I have waited up to this point to see what would become of the GNR induction into RRHOF. I would like to say THANK YOU and GRACIAS to RRHOF for the acknowledgement of our works over the years as a band. BIG THANKS to all my bandmates who helped get us to where we are today. And, of course, THANK YOU to all of the people on this planet (including, but not limited to, the entire universe and beyond, etc., etc., etc.) who have supported Guns N' Roses from day one. Adios, Amigos!
Izzy Stradlin


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