Los Angeles metal band Huntress have casted a spell with their debut record ‘Spell Eater.’ We caught up with some of the gentleman of the band in the parking lot of The Palladium shortly after their amazing set at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

Huntress is made up of vocalist Jill Janus, lead guitarist Blake Meahl, rhythm guitarists Ian Alden, drummer Carl Wierzbicky and bassist Eric Harris. The band is on tour with DragonForce and then set to play Europe.

Meahl, Alden and Wierzbicky talked all about ‘Spell Eater,’ discussed the odd jobs they've had and still have, joked about hating old people and much more. Enjoy our interview with the gentleman of Huntress:

What are some of the themes on the album ‘Spell Eater’?

Blake Meahl: Well for us, Ian and I, we focus on the riffage element the most, while we do contribute and filter some of Jill’s thematic ideas; she’s definitely in her own world on that stuff and she goes next level on some of them especially these later tracks like ‘Sleep and Death’ and ‘Spell Eater’ itself and ‘Aradia,’ she’s really gone out and gotten more cosmic with her themes. She’s come into her own as a lyricist.

The earlier themes are things that we helped out with one of the themes I came up with – I worked as a landscaper for a long time now and I work with old people all the time, I f---ing hate old people after a while. I was taking a lot of s--- from old people at my job and I was like “We’re gonna write a song about killing f---ing old people and we’re going to call it ‘Senecide.’ It’s just a thrash out jam about slaying old people. [Laughs]

How was the transition from going from landscaping to playing shows, is it something you do on the side with music?

Ian Alden: Sure I mean you have to get by, we all have s--tty jobs we do, I actually work for the same company -- working at the nursery end of the company, growing plants and selling huge trees, he’s a contractor working on the gardening crews. Our drummer he delivers groceries, we all have been working s--t jobs for the past 10, 15 years of our lives just so we could play heavy metal.

How was the recording process like for you guys?

Carl Wierzbicky: The best experience of my life.

BM: [Laughs] Yeah right.

CW: You’re in there and you’re like “I just hope I can nail it today, please!” and then if you nail it , your level goes up, your energy’s so stoked and you’re like “Yes!” and then you have those bad days too and it’s exactly the opposite.

BM: Most of the time it’s like being caned by a f---in’ Singaporean dude, it’s just brutal.

CW: Then you start dwelling on the same part for 30 minutes and it just becomes super brutal and it’s no fun but then it’s done and I’m so stoked.

Watch the Huntress 'Spell Eater' Video