In 2011 when Atreyu went on hiatus, Brandon Saller formed the band Hell or Highwater. They released an album in 2011 and an EP in 2013. Now, the band has returned with a new song "I'll Be Waiting" that you can check out above. It's also available for free download via Hell or Highwater's official site.

In addition to Saller, the rest of Hell or Highwater's current lineup includes guitarists Joey Bradford (Thieves & Liars) and Jon Hoover, bassist Nick Maldonado and drummer Kyle Rosa (Thieves & Liars).

"'I'll Be Waiting' in essence is a love song," Saller says. "But further, it's a celebration of the feeling one has when you find someone that you truly can't live without. It's a feeling unmatched by anything in this world. Everyone has a 'Jean Marie.' If you haven't found yours yet, you will know when you do. Here's to finding your 'Jean Marie' this summer."

Hell or Highwater will be playing a live show Friday night (July 10) in San Diego, Calif., with Wovenwar, Secrets, Heartist and A New Challenger Approaches. Tickets are available at this location.

As for Saller's other band Atreyu, they're releasing a new album Long Live in September. They have some European festival dates set for August, and will be playing Riot Fest Chicago in September along with Louder Than Life in Louisville, Ky., in October.