If you're a metal fan heading to South By Southwest, it could be worth your while to step out of a club for a little bit and catch an upcoming horror-metal film called Deathgasm. The movie will be among the films screened at the 2015 South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.

The film centers on a pair of high school outcasts in a small town who decided to start their own band. But along the way, the guys come across a mysterious piece of sheet music that is said to grant ultimate power to whoever plays it. The only hitch is that the music also summons an evil entity known as Aeloth the Blind One, who threatens the future of humanity.

The film was directed by Jason Lei Howden. It stars Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberly Crossman and Stephen Ure. And for metal fans, there's killer music throughout that includes songs from 8 Foot Sativa, Axeslasher, Beastwars, Bulletbelt, Elm Street, Emperor, Goatesque, Ihsahn, Lair of the Minotaur, Midnight, Nunslaughter, Pathology, Razorwyre, Skullfist and The Wretched End.

The film's SXSW premiere is Saturday, March 14, at 11:45PM at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, Texas. You can also catch it Sunday, March 15, at 11:30PM at Alamo Lamar A and Friday, March 20, at 9:30PM at the Alamo Ritz.

In addition, be sure to check out all of South By Southwest's film festival screenings at this location.

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