American doom / death metal band Howl are set to release their sophomore album, 'Bloodlines,' on April 30. The record is an all-out assault on the ears, but we wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, we've got the exclusive premiere of one of Howl's new tracks, 'Your Hell Begins,' to indoctrinate those who haven't heard the band and to keep Howl fans salivating for the new release.

Any musicians will tell you that recording a sophomore album is perhaps the greatest challenge a band can go through. With hype at an all-time high and a comparatively short period of time to compose an entire full-length, a group's second album commonly serves as a "make it or break it" milestone. Howl gained some underground attention with the album 'Full of Hell' in 2010, and are hoping to elevate their status with 'Bloodlines' this year.

'Your Hell Begins' is a straight-up banger of a track. Holding onto their atmospheric doom and sludge roots, Howl throw a bit of death metal into the mix with the track, pounding away with pummeling aggression. The song also contains a terrifying master-and-prisoner concept, showcased in lyrics such as, "I will tear limb from limb / This is where your hell begins."

Open up your ears for the debut of Howl's new track 'Your Hell Begins,' and get ready for 'Bloodlines' to drop on April 30. Pre-order the album in one of a variety of bundles here.

Howl, 'Your Hell Begins'

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