If rock is dead, then Pop Evil is definitive proof of the afterlife.

Versatile, the band’s sixth album, sounds exactly like the name suggests. Versatile distills the soaring melodies and driving riffs of Pop Evil’s past and introduces an ambitious exploration of the future.

With its rhythmic pulse and EDM flourishes, the success of “Work” at rock radio and on streaming playlists cemented the Pop Evil faithful's willingness to honor the Michigan band’s journey. After “Work” broke into the Top 10, explosive third single “Breathe Again” became their next Top 5 hit.

Beyond the success story told by the charts, the 1 million units of “total activity” across their catalog, and the over 600 million streams of their songs on major platforms, Pop Evil’s greatest strength is the diverse group of people captivated by the band’s relatable storytelling and undeniable catchiness. These are fans earned, city by city, on tours with a modern rock playlist’s worth of genre titans. They are a staple act at major rock festivals and a consistent headliner in theaters and clubs worldwide.

Versatile is available on May 21, 2021. Pre order or pre save today!


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