We're not sure if Iced Earth made the best or worst metal shirt of all time, but we give this gem our seal of approval.

Metal shirts just seem to be getting weirder and weirder, which isn't a bad thing. Instead of going for something with skulls or fire or random Satanic symbols, metal bands are taking cracks at humor.

There have been successes and failures at these attempts. For example, you've probably seen Municipal Waste's "Smoke Beer!" and Skeletonwitch's "Eat Some F--ing P--sy" shirts around at shows -- success! On the other hand, bands like Emmure and Attila have run into detractors for their 'Keep Calm and Ask Your Girl What My D--k Tastes Like' and 'I Will Find Your F---ing B-tch and F--- Her Right in Front of You!' shirts, respectively.

Where does Iced Earth's 'Poop' shirt fall on the spectrum? That's up to the fans. Look out for these puppies at metal shows and see if the Iced Earth 'Poop' craze catches on.

You can grab your own shirt at the official Iced Earth merch store.

[via Metal Injection]