Throughout punk’s 50-year history, the genre has created more iconic countercultural moments than perhaps any other form of music.

The Ramones may be the most important band to ever have their first show caught on film. On August 16, 1974 — Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy took the stage at CBGB’s for a nearly non-existent audience, fighting with each other onstage between songs. The New York Dolls’ influence on Joey Ramone was clear in this first gig, as was the chaotic power of punk’s most essential blueprinters.

Few moments in the history of music were more explosive than FEAR performing on Saturday Night Live. John Belushi himself asked for the band to play the show, which broke out into a riot when a mosh pit broke out in the SNL studio. Even better, FEAR frontman Lee Ving said to the New York crowd, “It’s great to be here in New Jersey.”

When L7 performed live on Channel 4’s The Word, cameras caught one of the most punk moments in history when Donita Sparks stripped down from the waist down. In the days before TV was aired on a delay, Channel 4 viewers got a close-up view of Sparks’ butt and bare crotch as the female band blazed through “Pretend We’re Dead.”

Check out these 10 Iconic Moments in Punk History in the video below.

10 Iconic Moments in Punk History

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