Unlike so many other bands, Iron Maiden's story has been tightly managed and personally, all of their members are fairly private. Their tales of excess are generally concerned more with how many beers they've sold and how many other professions Bruce Dickinson can juggle. This restricted access has driven fans to obsessive levels in pursuit of understanding all there is to know about Maiden, but we'll wager there's still a few things — in this instance, 10 things, you didn't know about this band.

We'll cut right to the chase: the Blaze Bayley era was not wildly popular. The material was so radically different than what Maiden had previously presented, not helping matters, but there's a chance you could've actually enjoyed a record with Bayley. There's a handful of songs off Brave New World that were written while he was still in the band, so maybe he never got a fair shake at singing over truly solid material.

Okay, okay... one more before you watch the full video at the top. If you've ever played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, you probably unlocked Eddie as a playable character. Even better was that "The Number of the Beast" was featured in the video game's soundtrack and Eddie's skate decks were all based on different Maiden album covers.

Up the irons!

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