Jason Newsted is emerging in the hard rock scene once again. The former Metallica bassist and his long-running side band Papa Wheelie, which has been described as a "stoner punk metal" band, will take the stage on Nov. 19 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco to open for Kyuss Lives!

The thick-necked Newsted, who goes by "Jaylor" in this particular band, has assumed a markedly different role in Papa Wheelie. He has swapped out his signature bass in order to play guitar and sing.

Papa Wheelie actually have a further connection to Newsted's former band. Drummer Steve Wiig, known as "Swiiglor," was once the personal assistant of Metallica's Lars Ulrich. Wiig actually launched a lawsuit against the 'Tallica skinsman recently, claiming that Ulrich owes him years of unpaid overtime. That's gotta make things awkward around town.

The Sword and Black Cobra will round out the Kyuss Lives! and Papa Wheelie bill, which means that Nov. 19 could should shake out to be an exciting night o' hard rock.