Earlier this month, guitar legend Joe Satriani announced his upcoming solo album, What Happens Next out Jan. 12. He's revealed a little bit of what people can expect from the record with his new single "Energy."

The song doesn't waste its time on high concepts. Rather it goes for the jugular with straight up fun and exciting rock music. The track shows off the beauty of Satriani's guitar work, where he's just as comfortable pulling off some wild solo as he is delivering a solid riff that sticks to the foundations. When Satriani does decide to go into full solo mode, it's a wild beast to behold. It becomes something timeless and thrilling, a reminder that fun should never be undervalued when it comes to songwriting.

"The song 'Energy' shows the power, fun and excitement of true and spontaneous musical chemistry," Satriani tells Guitar World, who premiered the track. "Chad [Smith], Glenn [Hughes] and me rockin’ out, not holding back, reveling in the moment.” Keeping things simple on this record is important for Satriani, who adds, “I said to Chad in an early text, ‘No odd time signatures, no progressive stuff, pure rock and soul. The last two records really showed that I was enjoying playing with progressive elements, and when I reached the end of Shockwave Supernova, I said, ‘I think I’ve done it. For some reason, I don’t feel like going back over that anymore’.”

In addition to What Happens Next, Satriani also announced the next installment of the wildly popular G3 tour. He will be joined by Dream Theater‘s John Petrucci and Def Leppard‘s Phil Collen. It’ll make for an insanely packed edition of the guitar tour, which has previously featured other guitar gods like Steve Vai, Robert Fripp, Paul GilbertYngwie Malmsteen and more.

Hear "Energy" above (via Guitar World), and pre-order What Happens Next right here. Plus, be sure to check out where the G3 tour will be going.

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