You'll want to check out VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' this weekend as former KISS drummer Peter Criss is the primary guest. The musician, of course, addressed the band's upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and had a few pointed comments in the process.

Criss called out his old bandmates for making the decision not to perform at the Rock Hall induction ceremony. "What's wrong with giving ten minutes of your time, for the forty years that you've given us?," exclaimed Criss, referring to the band's loyal fans. And while the drummer is critical of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's choice, he did speak fondly of the joyful early days playing with KISS and recently having the chance to play with Ace Frehley again. Criss also spoke openly about his battle and triumph over male breast cancer.

Also joining 'That Metal Show' in the studio this week is Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy, who serves as the guest musician. Christy rocks his drumming skills in front of Criss, his childhood hero, and also offers the KISS legend a special thank you for inspiring his musical path. The drummer also provides an update on the band's new album progress.

Viewers can also look for the 'Put It on the Table' segment of questions with Criss, a 'TMS Top 5' that ranks KISS songs, and a 'Throwdown' debate about the better live album -- 'Alive' or 'Alive II.' And host Eddie Trunk once again fields audience trivia for the 'Stump the Trunk' segment.

The latest episode of 'That Metal Show' airs Saturday, March 22 at 11PM ET/PT.