There's a buzz happening in the metal world around Norwegian act Kvelertak. The band is set to drop its second studio album, 'Meir' via Roadrunner Records on March 26, and you can now stream the full album online and watch their new music video for the song 'Manelyst.'

Although Kvelertak write lyrics strictly in Norwegian, their infectious pummeling yet playful sound has brought them a worldwide fan base and earned them a spot on Converge's 2012 U.S. tour. In fact, Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou actually produced 'Meir' at his very own God City Studios in Salem, Mass. The musical style of 'Meir' screams Norway in the vein of party punk rockers Turbonegro and will surely draw in fans looking for something accessible and old-school, yet a little different. Kvelertak also draw from the more evil side of Norwegian music, showcased perfectly in their video for 'Manelyst.'

The video, which premiered via Invisible Oranges, carries a horror theme and is produced to seem like a trailer for a terrifying film where every type of evil is represented. It's bloody as hell without depicting a large amount of violence, and features slasher villains, zombies, werewolves, vampires, reapers, possessed bodies and a myriad of other psychopathic figures throughout.

“I wanted to make a video that didn’t have any repetitious elements,” says director Fredrik Hana. “I wanted to get as far away as possible from the kind of videos that has two, maybe three unique elements on constant circulation. Also, I totally dig horror films, always have, so I wanted to make something that showed my unconditional love for the genre. Working with this particular band just makes me want to go all the way.”

To stream Kvelertak's 'Meir' in full, head over to Stereogum. To watch the music video for 'Manelyst,' check it out in the player below.

Kvelertak, 'Manelyst' [via Invisible Oranges]