Following their powerful debut album, ‘Trampled Sun,’ Kyng are back with their sophomore disc ‘Burn the Serum.’ We had the chance to chat with frontman Eddie Veliz about the brand new disc, due out April 15 via Razor and Tie Records. Veliz talked about the creative process of ‘Burn the Serum,’ as well as some of his favorite tracks from the album. Check out our interview with Eddie Veliz of Kyng below, then stream the entire 'Burn the Serum' album in the player at the bottom of this post:

What does the title ‘Burn the Serum’ mean to you personally?

'Burn The Serum' is about someone that constantly runs from the truth regardless of how it affects one’s life, health, family, and friends around them.

What was your state of mind and inspiration when writing and recording the title track?

Frustration that pushes you beyond anger.

What about how you’ve evolved as a musician and person from ‘Trampled Sun’ can we hear on this new album? 

We definitely took a different approach and just tried to keep the song in mind and not overplay.

How was it working with Andrew Aleklel and James Rota as producers? 

Great! We all had a blast working on this album. They both knew exactly what we wanted this album to sound like, and Andrew was able to capture the tones that we needed to create this album. He's a f---ing wizard. Jim was able to get us to take the Kyng sound and refine it. Where we'd want to kick into a million different parts Jim made sure we were only using the best riffs and parts that were needed rather than "filler."

Can you talk about the new single ‘Electric Halo’ both lyrically and musically.

Lyrically it had to do with the age-old tale of back stabbing and betrayal. It's about someone that can look you in the eye and make you feel as if you have nothing to fear until you are left with that cold empty feeling of betrayal. Musically we just wanted it to be a very cool rock song. I definitely tried to rip off an early '80s style Tony Iommi because I tend to usually rip off early '70s Tony Iommi.

While recording were there specific tracks that were challenging to get through?

'Big Ugly Me' was a tough one but only because Jim Rota hated it and didn't want us to put it on the album! Hahaha, love you Jim!

I’m digging the whole album but like ‘Trampled Sun’ my favorites are constantly changing. Right now ‘Big Ugly Me’ and ‘In the Land of Pigs’ are just a couple of my faves. What are some of your current favorite tunes off the record and why?

Anytime I play the record for a friend I usually start with 'Burn the Serum' then 'The Ode' and 'In the Land of Pigs' -- let it play and repeat from the top. All the songs rock and are very heavy. I've listen to this album a ton in its rough stages more so than the mix and mastered version of 'Trampled Sun.'

What does 2014 hold in store for Kyng as a whole? 

Touring and taking over the world...

Our thanks to Kyng's Eddie Veliz for taking the time to chat with us. Listen to Kyng's 'Burn the Serum' in the player below, and if you like what you hear, pick up a copy at iTunes.

Check Out a Full Stream of 'Burn the Serum'