The California trio Kyng have are set to rise with their debut album, ‘Trampled Sun,’ which proves to be a hard hitting fusion of rocking goodness.

‘Trampled Sun’ opens with the single ‘Falling Down,’ which is a heavy riffed yet melodic anthem. The rumbling bass lines and sultry guitar solo add layers to the already multifaceted song.

Kyng takes listeners on a wild roller-coaster ride with the track ‘Pushing & Pulling.’ Frontman Eddie Veliz shows off his shredding skills and soaring vocals throughout the song. Relentless drumming from stickman Pepe Clarke Magaña can cause some serious damage to ear drums with his chaotic patterns. The only problem with the song is that it’s just three minutes!

The title track, ‘Trampled Sun,’ proves that Kyng cannot be defined by one particular sound or genre in heavy music because they appeal to most of them. Veliz’s vocals go from harmonious to screeching then to soulful and everything in between.

‘Takes Its Toll’ is slower in pace but it’s just as intense as the rest of the tracks on the album. Magaña’s hi-hat is commanding throughout the song. Veliz’s deep bluesy vocals singing the chorus “Let all the smoke dissipate / Let all your words permeate / So I can turn them away / Cause it takes its toll on me.”

In the song ‘Down On Me,’ Soundgarden’s influence on the band is heard (in this track and throughout the album). It’s refreshing to hear a new band who is innovative yet as talented as the music before them. Not to mention Tony Castaneda’s bass lines are consistently powerful all through the song.

On the other side of the spectrum, the tune ‘Between the Blame’ has a stoner rock, psychedelic Queens of the Stone Age vibe to it. Veliz’s dreamy vocals are a treat for listeners as he sings in falsetto “Nothing between us / But still I try / I’m not deceiving / When I lie.”

The album ends with a nine minute song, split up into three parts. The first section is called ‘The Beauty of the End,’ which is a moving two-minute instrumental bass and guitar piece dedicated to Castaneda’s father. The track kicks into high gear in 'Shoreline Pt. 1,' with its hastily face melting sound. About 5 and a half minutes into the entire song, the track slows down for the final part, 'Shoreline Pt.2.' This last track, ‘The Beauty of the End/ Shoreline PT. 1 & 2,’ truly represents Kyng’s style, as well as the tone of the entire album.

To sum up, any of the songs on ‘Trampled Sun’ can be a radio hit and Kyng manage to do this with the utmost talent and sincerity.

4 Stars

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