Last in Line formed in 2012 following the death of Ronnie James Dio two years prior, as some of the Dio band's classic members came together to honor the fallen singer. Rejuvenated by the spirit of the first three Dio albums, guitarist Vivian Campbell, bassist Jimmy Bain and drummer Vinny Appice joined forces with singer Andrew Freeman (Hurricane, Lynch Mob) to perform songs from the classic Dio era. The band eventually decided to make new music, and those songs will be showcased on the upcoming album, Heavy Crown, due Feb. 19.

Sadly, Jimmy Bain passed away on Saturday (Jan. 23) at the age of 68, but Last in Line have decided to proceed with Loudwire's exclusive premiere of the "Blame It on Me" lyric video (watch above) in tribute to the late bassist.

A vast departure from the raging speed of the previously released track "Martyr," the song "Blame It on Me" explores a more barren and tortured soundscape. The doomy atmosphere is led by staccato guitar work, which releases its tension by letting chords sustain while Freeman delivers subdued verses and an angst-ridden chorus. Freeman does well to give a nod to the legacy of Ronnie James Dio, but carefully strays from inviting close comparisons by injecting his own soulful idiosyncrasies. Meanwhile, the lead in the chorus is reminiscent of "Pain," a Dio song off the 1993 effort Strange Highways, though Appice was the only Last in Line member present on that record.

Following Jimmy Bain's passing, Campbell stated, “It's with the heaviest of hearts that I must confirm the news of the passing of our dear friend and Last In Line bandmate, Jimmy Bain. It was Jimmy who gave me my first big break in the music industry and for that I am forever indebted. Jimmy was immensely proud of our new album and his input to it was immeasurable. We will continue to celebrate his life through his music. On behalf of Vinny and Andrew, our thoughts and condolences are with his family at this most difficult of times. Rest in peace, dear friend.”

Heavy Crown was produced by Jeff Pilson, furthering the Dio ties as Pilson plucked the strings on and off with the band, ultimately being featured on three Dio studio albums. The album is available for pre-order at iTunes, and includes immediate downloads of "Blame It on Me" and the previously released songs "Devil in Me" and "Martyr."

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