Just last month, Linkin Park showed off a volcanic Chester Bennington in the lyric video for their new single 'Burn It Down.' Now they're sharing how the effect was created with a behind-the-scenes clip.

In a new video posted for their fans, the group members reveal the full 360 degree body scan process they underwent to achieve the special effect from the clip. The group created their parts at Los Angeles' Gentle Giant Studios back in late February, and it's clear they kind of geeked out on the process a bit.

Singer Chester Bennington jokes, "I'm finally the center of the universe," as a digital camera circles his head. The follicly-challenged frontman got off fairly easy during the process, especially when compared to bushy-haired guitarist Brad Delson, who had to don a skull cap in order for his scan to take.

In the video, it's explained that the scan captures the texture of the face, while shooting light waves against the surface and bouncing back to create the image, which the director can then apply whatever element they want to create the final look. Co-vocalist Mike Shinoda says, "That's so crazy. I didn't expect them to look so much like us."

Shinoda also unearthed a cool little revelation during his body scan, as he noticed the mat was "squishy." The person guiding him through the process revealed that creators added some extra foam for Lady Gaga, who was "in a unique position" when her personal scan took place for a separate project.

'Burn It Down' is the lead single from the 'Living Things' album. The disc is due June 26 and fans can pre-order the effort at the band's website. Linkin Park will join Incubus on the Honda Civic Tour this summer, launching Aug. 11 in Bristow, Va. They also have an exclusive May 18 benefit show for their LP Underground fan club members at Los Angeles' House of Blues. Proceeds from the show will aid Music For Relief's 'Power the World' initiative.

Watch Linkin Park's 360 Body Scan Video