Linkin Park recently teamed with acclaimed DJ Steve Aoki to create their new single, 'A Light That Never Comes.' The collaboration came about for Linkin Park's new 'Recharge' online video game and corresponding 'Recharged' album and now there's a video for the song, as well.

In the promo, a number of holographic people lay in wait, hoping for the day that the light comes back on in the dilapidated wasteland the world has become. Giant statues overlook the city, but the ever increasing current signifies that a change may be about to come.

This futuristic clip was months in the making as the crew worked on the clip utilizing Dell Computers. At the end of the video, there's a tacked on portion showing the viewer a little bit about how the promo came together. Additional behind-the-scenes footage from the innovative clip can be seen here with host Joe Hahn pulling back the curtain.

As previously mentioned, 'A Light That Never Comes' can be found on Linkin Park's 'Recharged' album, that features a number of 'Living Things' tracks remixed in addition to the new material. The disc is due Oct. 29 and pre-order bundles are available at the band's website.