UPDATE: Linkin Park have now called off the remainder of their current tour dates after Chester Bennington had his injured leg checked out. They released the following statement on the matter: "Linkin Park regret to inform their fans they must cancel the remaining dates of The Hunting Party tour, due to a leg injury of lead vocalist Chester Bennington. The injury requires immediate medical attention making it physically impossible for Bennington to perform. Chester says, 'I'm really disappointed this injury has made it impossible to continue with this tour. The first couple shows were just magical. We will truly miss not being with our fans for the next few weeks. Hope to see you again soon.' Fans can seek refunds at point of purchase."

Those who've followed Linkin Park over the years have come to know that Chester Bennington is one of the more accident-prone rockers going. Unfortunately, the injury bug has struck again, with Linkin Park having to call off a pair of shows as a result.

The band issued a statement revealing that they are withdrawing from their shows in Pittsburgh tonight (Jan. 20) and Albany, N.Y. tomorrow night (Jan. 21) after Bennington suffered a leg injury. The rocker was seen sporting crutches during the band's recent show in Indianapolis, but the situation is less than ideal for the energetic, give it all style of Bennington.

The group's statement reads as follows:

Linkin Park regret to inform their fans that they must withdraw from their next two shows in Pittsburgh on January 20th, and January 21 in Albany, NY, due to a leg injury of lead vocalist Chester Bennington - who has been diagnosed as requiring immediate medical attention. Chester says, "I need to take the proper time to assess the severity of my injury and apologize for any disappointment this has caused. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.” Fans can seek refunds at point of purchase.

While the band did not specify Bennington's injury, there are reports that he broke his ankle. He even performed a couple of nights ago in Indianapolis using a scooter to support his leg (watch below).

Over the years, Bennington has been bitten by a recluse spider causing hospitalization, caught a viral infection in Europe, tore a ligament in his hand playing basketball, broke his wrist jumping off a platform during a show and suffered an injured shoulder during a tour of Asia that required surgery.

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