With their new disc ‘Living Things’ currently sitting pretty at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, Linkin Park seem to have the golden touch. Now the band is taking that success and branching out into software with a new collaboration with Dell and Open Labs.

The new ‘Linkin Park Edition PC’ is a spin on Open Labs’ Music OS software with the addition of exclusive and custom-made Linkin Park sounds delivered on Dell XPS laptops and 2320 All in One devices. The program is designed to help musicians create, perform and share their songs in a live environment, much like Linkin Park do in their own studio and on the road.

Mike Shinoda recently told Rolling Stone that the collaboration was an easy decision for them as he uses Music OS all the time. “We craft pretty specific sounds in the studio and were struggling to bring them to the stage until we found Music OS,” said Shinoda.

Shinoda talked about expanding the software and making it more appealing to Linkin Park fans, explaining, "Once that relationship started, the doors opened to create something that not only worked well for our band, but something our fans could create and perform with as well.” He continued, “ Now, with the addition of Dell, we feel we've got a great piece of gear and software that musicians of varying levels and styles can use to make great music."

For anyone wondering about the impact of the software, depending on how you use it, it could be a total game-changer. "It literally takes the place of 10 keyboards and samplers," Shinoda says. "Music OS is the best tool out there to organize and quickly access all my favorite sounds onstage, plus it can take a beating over the course of a rigorous tour."

For more on the collaboration, check out the video featuring Mike Shinoda below.

Watch Mike Shinoda Talk About Linkin Park Edition PC